About Us

Group Priority, "A legacy built on trust".
Since the Portuguese colonial era, the group lead into a small scale business trading in automobiles, spare parts & electronics.
The business in its modern form was established in the year 2004 by the young and vibrant brothers Mr. Parind Nachinolcar and Mr. Swapneel Nachinolcar.

Mr. Parind Nachinolcar

Dr. Ulhas G. Nachinolcar

Mr. Swapneel Nachinolcar

Overall Business Growth

Management Profile

Mr. Dinesh Pai
Managing Partner
Mr. Ashwin Pereira
CEO (Priority MG & Priority Renault)
Mr. Welsh Colaco
Vice President (Skoda & Honda)
Mrs. Madhavi Bhat Kharangate
HR Manager
Skoda Team

Akshay Phadte (ASM), Arun Kinlekar (Corporate Sales Consultant), Clifford Vas (Sales Consultant), Gaurish Joshi (Sales Manager), Sarika Naidu (CRM), Sanifa Shaikh (Back Office Executive), Sapna Naik (Receptionist), Nagesh Marathe (Finance Executive), Kaustubh Naik (Sales Consultant - Margao)

Renault Team

Avish Naik (Sales Manager Margao), Afreen Sheikh (CRM), Aney Tari (Workshop Manager), Uddesh Naik (Sales Manager for Renault Taleigao), Melissa Lobo (CRM), Harit Bhobe (ASM Taleigao)

MG Team

Sagar Kharangate (Sales Head), Melisa Lobo (CRM sales), Ashwin Pereira (CEO), Pranil Madkaikar (Service manager), Rohit Mahale (ASM)

Honda Team

Standing(L-R) : Pratik Naik, Ashvita Malvankar, Socorina Cunha, Pooja Hegde, Tanuja Harkonkar, Ashvi Govekar, Puja Naik, Kishan Vakkund

Standing(Back Side From Left) : Ira De Souza, Francis Azavedo, Suraj Salgaonkar